Rent Storage

We have a variety of unit sizes to meet every storage need in Rocky Mount, MO at Lake of the Ozarks.

Indoor 6 X 4 (6 x 4 x 10)

24 sq. ft. / 240 Cubic Feet ->10 FT Ceiling!
•Indoor hallway access with 36" roll up door
•Perfect for the an Owner's Closet for the vacation rental or additional boating items
•This unit is good for personal items, clothes, boxes, skis, small furniture items, business records, etc

$29 / month

Indoor 10 X 5 (10 x 5 x 10)

50 sq. ft. / 500 Cubic Feet -> 10 FT Ceiling!
•Indoor hallway access with 42" roll up door
•This unit is ideal for small amounts of furniture, chairs, chest of drawers, mattresses, business supplies, etc.

$49 / month

Exterior 9x32 with Electricity (9 x 32 x 9)

288 sq. ft
•Access is 9' roll up door
*Unit has standard electrical outlet. Perfect for a trickle charger to keep your boat ready for the water.
•This unit is great for a boat, a couple of jet skis or trailer storage protected from the elements
•Easy access with plenty of back-in room
*​​This unit has a gravel floor

$119 / month

Indoor 10 x 10.5 (10 x 10.5 x 10)

•105 sq. ft. / 1050 Cubic Feet -> 10 FT Ceiling!
•Indoor hallway access with 2 x 42" wide roll up doors (THIS UNIT REQUIRES 2 LOCKS)
•Perfect for the home based business owner that needs more space for materials or equipment
•This units is ideal for contents from a 1-2 bedroom condo or house, appliances, patio furniture, along with many boxes

$99 / month

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